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This book is a movement that will help people get out of their head and walk into purpose. Each word will unlock purpose and passion in your heart. It is my prayer that God expose and reveal things that are holding you up from your purpose.

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Becoming Wine 20 oz Stainless Steal Tumbler

Becoming Wine 20 oz stainless steel tumbler, Double Wall Insulated with Lid, Straw, Individually Boxed 

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Leaping into Purpose

This book is my life story in the form of a butterfly. God gave me the desire to share some of my struggles to help encourage you through yours. I share about my relationship with my parents, being a young teen mom, depression, being diagnosed with a disease that I have no control over, and the battle that I fight within. Throughout it all, I still fight to find my purpose. My desire is to encourage and motivate you to your purpose. A few topics that I strive to shed light upon is change, rejection, abandonment, isolation, and purpose.

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The Moments When God Touched

The Moments When God Touched is a guide for people that wants to find their purpose with God’s help. I used my personal situations to open your eyes to the unknown. I shared my personal experiences of leaving my father’s church and going where desired me to be along with, how I found my calling. If you are in transition, this will be a great book for you. 

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Gleaning To Legacy

Have you ever had a moment, where you thought about the Next Generation to come?What would you share with the younger you?God deals with me in different ways. He shows me different viewpoints of his anointing through messages, and people speaking. I wrote this book, so you could be poured back into through the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained from Destiny’s church and other people in my life. While you are reading the pages of this book, I will be the midwife that helps you birth your baby out through principles and processes. Now, a midwife does not change your baby’s eyes or arms, but she helps you know when and how to push or breath. Although everybody wants to do things on their own, God didn’t design us that way. If a vision is just surrounded by you, how really big is it? Think about it. He wants us to help guide each other. Moses and Joshua had to guide the children of Israel to the promised land. Using the tools in this book will guide you to the promise land that God has for you. Don’t be content where you are right now because God has so much more for you. Come, let’s glean like Ruth in Boaz’s field so that God will show us a favor. I just ask that you come with an open mind on this journey.

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Gleaning To Legacy – Next Level

Have you ever had a moment, when you thought about what does God have Next for your life? This world is hard and we need help to go to the next level. God has given me an ear to hear what the average person usually doesn’t receive, and I want to share it with you. Come take this journey with me. We all have to grow up at one point in time. God didn’t want us getting baby food all our lives. As I gleaned this time from my Spiritual father, I became aware of my spiritual growth. I’ve learned that some people think God doesn’t want them because the world has rejected them. This is NOT true. The world rejected you because God has chosen you. He is protecting you. It is your time to rise and shine. You must get covered so God can pour directly into your life. He has given you tools to mix it up and change your life. This book will change your life.

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Speaking Over the Storms: S.O.S.

Sometimes things knock the living daylight out of us, and these moments hurt so bad, but we can’t stop. It is necessary for us to keep moving and pushing towards our goals. It looks like we are losing, but it is an illusion that will be revealed in another stage of our life.

 This book is designed to get you out of this dark place and back to the place that God calls you be in. Don’t let the pain stop your process! We know that God is able, but pain still can try to take us out of this world. It is a feeling that we can’t explain. Somebody came and cut us, then turned the light off and left us alone to die. My God fix it! We can’t stay in this place because somebody is depending on us to pull through. We think that we are at our end, but God is just getting started with our life. He hasn’t turned the lights out, but he has hidden us from our enemy. Trust God and the process. We are going to walk into a great come back! God is going to use this pain for his glory! Yes, it is scary but listen for God’s voice! This darkness can’t stop God’s Glory! Hallelujah! You are on the Right track! Don’t wait any longer! In fact, turn up the heat! Push harder! Push until some breaks or shift! You are enough with God’s help! You will be all that God called you to be. 

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S.O.S. Personal Journal

Sometimes things knock the living daylight out of us, and these moments hurt so bad, but we can’t stop. It is necessary for us to keep moving and pushing towards our goals. It looks like we are losing, but it is an illusion that will be revealed in another stage of our life.

 Utilize this journal to help you to write down those personal struggles, triumphs, and memories to help you to heal and overcome the traumas that may be lodged in your mind, heart, and spirit. Who knows, maybe you are ready to tell your OWN story. Unlock the pages in your past and write the story of your present for future generations to be inspired.

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Purple Passion Butterfly 

Purple Passion Butterfly is a reminder of our dedication to the Kingdom.

Crystal Clear Butterfly reminds us that God can allow us to see beyond our own vision. 


The Pink Fusion Butterfly reflects the heart and the goodness that should flow from it.

Sea Breeze Blue Butterfly is a reminder of how calm and cool our countenance should reflect. 


Aquatic Rose Butterfly is the reflection of our inward beauty. 


Aquatic onyx Butterfly is the reflection of our outward focus. 


Meet Anna Ruth Valentine

Ruth’s Butterflies earrings collection is here. They are name after my mother, Anna Valentine because she taught we how to be a lady. She would allow me to wear her earrings and I would lose them…??‍♀️… I was such a Tom Boy when my biological mother passed at 9. When my father and my mom got married, she took me in as her child. I could just do one pair because she has gave me more then one jewel. Each earrings has a diamond that represents the heart of God for woman.