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“Did you know my publisher quit before my 1st book was published?”

I was still trying to push forward and publish my book because God told me that I would be an author. After publishing my first book, God told me that I would be to people what I didn’t have in my process.

I had just changed churches and just started trusting God’s voice. He was telling me to write a book, but I didn’t see it because I had failed English 101 twice. I thought it would never happen, but God had other plans for my life.

As I was finishing writing my first book, my publisher quit. Wow! I remember thinking, “What am I supposed to do?” Well, I chose to just push through because I didn’t know anything else to do. I had already put money and time into this book. I was standing on a promise from God, and giving up wasn’t an option. During this process, God revealed to me the strategies on how to help people become a self-published author with no strings attached.



You will receive:

  • You will have a 45 min class  every 2 weeks for 8 weeks in a group with Q & A session. (4 classes)
  • I will be guiding you with the tools and gifts that God has given me.
  • I will motivate/encourage you through your birthing process.
  • You will pull out the gifts that God has equipped you with.
  • You will receive my editor and cover information.
  • You will get guidance on how to finish strong and strategy for the first month.

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Leap Into Purpose!

Leap Into Purpose Masterclass


“Do you feel stuck or lost? Do you feel weighed down with the troubles of life?”

This master class is designed to help you leap into your purpose as you take part in reading and answering the questions. The Leaping into Purpose book is a workbook that I share my life story in the form of a butterfly. God gave me the desire to share some of my struggles to help encourage you through yours.

Mrs. Que shares about her relationship with her parents, being a young teen mom, depression, forgiveness, being diagnosed with a disease that she has no control over, but she is still fighting for her purpose, and battles that she fights within. Her desire is to encourage and motivate you to your purpose. A few topics that she covers in the book are Change, rejection and abandonment, isolation, and purpose. 



Master Class Includes:

  • 1.) You will receive a Leaping into Purpose Book

    2.) We will meet for about 1 hour (unless God leads differently) for 8 weeks.

    3.) Leaping into Purpose T-shirt

    4.) Leaping into Purpose wristband 

    5.) Facebooks private support group

    6.) A decorative keepsake box

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Transformational Speaking

Transformational Speaker is one who attempts to illicit a marked change in form, nature, or appearance in a human being.

Transformational Speaking

Transformational Speaker is one who attempts to illicit a marked change in form, nature, or appearance in a human being.

I love butterflies and the process that they go through to be admired by the world. I know, through my own process, God had to isolate me to develop, and mature me. When I was ready, he allowed certain people to speak into my life to help mold and shape me into my purpose. Are you ready for your next level and to hear God’s plan for your life? Have you sought him for direction and listened to what He has said?  Are you ready for God’s strategy for your purpose?

It was years before I realized that God uses the words that He gave me to transform my friends and family. I would have conversations that started people to walk into their purpose. People that was thinking about doing things, Transform into people that started planning and accomplishing what God put in their heart. It has truthfully been a gift to watch things happen before my eyes.

“Let me help your audience to be transformed, to fly into their purpose and change their perspective on what’s in their hands.”

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